Construction Site Safety

The tragedy of many injuries is that taking common precautions to improve construction site safety isn’t necessarily expensive or time consuming. Understanding work site safety problems can be an important way to reduce injuries to construction workers on the job.
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Construction Site Explosions

From acetylene tank explosions to exploding gas lines that result in trench collapses and falling construction debris, a construction site explosion is always serious. The construction injury law firm of Zachar Law Firm has been providing aggressive, intelligent representation for years.
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Construction Site Explosions

Arizona Construction Site Explosion Injury Lawyer

When large construction site explosions occur anywhere in America, the catastrophic injuries or deaths from gas fires and materials often make the national news. But not all construction site explosions result in a horrendous body count. Construction site explosions are often a common occurrence on construction projects ranging in size from the largest skyscrapers and waterline projects to individual housing developments. The reality is that even minor construction site explosions result in numerous life-changing injuries and fatalities every year in the U.S.

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Free consultation about your construction site explosion injury claim

In most cases, no attorney’s fees unless you recover money damages

From acetylene tank explosions to exploding gas lines that result in trench collapses and falling construction debris, a construction site explosion is always serious. For over 18 years, the construction injury law firm of Zachar & Associates, P.C. in Phoenix, Arizona, has been providing aggressive, intelligent representation for construction workers injured because of construction site explosions throughout Central Arizona.

By investigating and preparing your case thoroughly, we are often able to prove that you are entitled to a full and fair settlement without the cost and necessity of a lengthy jury trial.

We have built our excellent reputation on our capacity and willingness to handle complex cases that are beyond the professional or technical capacity of other civil litigation law firms. Opposing insurers and cities with municipal liability responsible for your injuries recognize the thoroughness and integrity we bring to every construction site injury and wrongful death case we handle. When we meet with you for a free consultation about your case, we will be proud to discuss some of our verdicts and settlements we have obtained on behalf of injury victims.

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Contact attorney Christopher Zachar at our offices for a free consultation about the ways in which we can use our experience, reputation and skills to help you recover maximum compensation for your catastrophic injury or wrongful death claim resulting from a construction site accident.

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Municipal Liability

Every year in America, hundreds of thousands of construction workers are injured on the job in scaffolding falls, electrical shocks, and construction vehicle accidents resulting from negligence on the part of property owners and subcontractors. In many construction injury claims, municipalities may share a portion of the liability if they neglect their responsibility to ensure construction site safety providing proper inspections for a permit or overseeing the progress of the project. Click to read more...

Trench Wall Collapses

A serious trench wall collapse can result in burying a worker under several tons of dirt, rocks, construction material and equipment. Trench wall collapses and falling construction walls have been responsible for some of the deadliest construction accidents in our nation’s history. Catastrophic injuries such as crushed bones and fractures, severe disfigurement and traumatic brain injuries are often the result. Click to read more...

Crane Accidents

Even when used at ground level on a construction site, serious, often fatal crane accidents occur when operators fail to take every safety precaution to secure equipment properly or move the crane safely. When construction cranes are left unattended and improperly secured on a building site, they often create an “attractive nuisance” for kids playing on or near them after hours. Click to read more...